April 21, 2017

Work Experience


B.S Biosystems Engineering, Expected May 2018

B.A Experience Architecture, Expected May 2018

Michigan State University | Honors College | East Lansing, MI

Engineering and Project Experience

Design for America Team Leader: Cell Phone Use Team, Food Systems Teams 1 and 2 | January 2015 – Current

Design for America is a student organization working to promote social change using the human-centered design process. As part of DFA, I:

  • Collaborate with my team to create a simple “How Can We” question, then use the iterative design process to create a solution.
  • Participated on a team Spring 2015 to design better assistive devices for those with cerebral palsy
  • Led a team of 6 students in Fall 2015 to develop an app prototype to reduce cell phone use in social settings.
  • Led another team of students Spring 2016 to research and study food deserts at Michigan State.
  • Led a different team of students Fall 2016 to continue the work from the previous semester by working with the MSU Student Food Bank to increase their operating capacity.

Teaching and Tutoring: BE101, EGR102, CoRE, MSU Upward Bound | June 2016 – Current

I also really enjoy teaching, and tutor in several different capacities here at MSU. These jobs include:

  • BE101 (Introduction to Biosystems Engineering). Work with beginning Biosystems Engineering students to explore the field of Biosystems engineering and learn the fundamentals of engineering analysis and design.
  • EGR102 (Introduction to Engineering Modeling). Serve as a programming mentor to teach the software MATLAB to engineers.
  • Tutor for CoRE (Cornerstone Residential Experience). The CoRE tutoring center tutors students in all necessary subjects required to gain entrance to the College of Engineering. As part of CoRE, I tutor calclius, general and honors chemistry, and introductory physics.
  • MSU Upward Bound. Upward Bound is a nationwide program at universities across the country that takes potential first-generation college students from underserved high schools in the area and offers academic tutoring, SAT preparation, and college and career advising. As a UB Academic Tutor, I led a classroom of high school juniors in study skills and SAT prep activities, and conferenced one-on-one with every student to determine their individual strengths and weaknesses and how to move forward.

Service Learning Tutor: MSU Upward Bound | June – July 2016

I worked as a community service tutor for MSU Upward Bound over the summer.

  • Worked with high school students to mentor kids at the Boys and Girls Club in south Lansing.
  • Helped students reflect on their experiences and how to grow as citizens in their local community.

Undergraduate Research Ambassador: MSU Undergraduate Research Office | Sep 2015 – Current

  • I give presentations on the importance of undergraduate research to fellow college students.
  • I talk to students in both auditorium presentation, resource fair, and panel settings.

Professorial Assistant: Nanobiosensors Research Lab | Aug 2014 – May 2016

  • As part of the lab, I helped develop magnetic nanoparticle-based biosensors for medical diagnostics.
  • I researched the long-term storage of gold nanoparticles to improve sensor implementation in developing nations.
  • After that project, I researched the antibacterial effects of magnetic nanoparticles on tuberculosis growth and detection.
  • Both years, I presented my research at UURAF

Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Experience | May 2015 – July 2015

  • I synthesized research papers written in Spanish for an English review of the literature.
  • I studied the capture efficiency of functionalized magnetic nanoparticles on detection of mycobacterial models for tuberculosis.
  • I analyzed artificial sputum samples under a microscope and recorded the efficiency of nanoparticle capture of bacteria.
  • At the end of the summer, I presented my findings at the Mid-Michigan Undergraduate Research Symposium (300 attendees)

Resident Assistant, Spartan Debate Institutes | July 2014 – August 2014

  • I judged debate rounds and mentored debaters as an RA for the Spartan Debate Institutes.
  • I judged debate tournaments for the 2-week, 3-week and 4-week sessions.

Technical and Language Skills

  • Spanish (Conversational)
  • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in Inventor and SolidWorks
  • Programming in Java and MATLAB, HTML/CSS
  • Molecular Biology Lab Skills
  • Design Thinking and Human Centered Design
  • Drawing Things


  • Biosystems Engineering Club
  • Society of Women Engineers

Awards and Activities

  • First Place Poster, Immunology and Microbiology, UURAF 2016
  • CarlHacks Demo Project, CarlHacks 2016
  • Top Five Hardware Hacks, HackIllinois 2016
  • Local Hack Day Demo Project, Local Hack Day 2015
  • Bakker-Arkema Scholarship (freshmen in Biosystems Engineering), 2015
  • National AP Scholar (10 or more AP courses), 2014
  • MSU ADS Competition Distinguished Freshman Scholarship (full tuition for 8 semesters), 2014