Unit 3 Reflection

In this final section of the course, we explored the structures of the web as they could apply to front-end development – database manipulation, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and responsive designs. We made a simple app with IFTTT. I created an app that would take the information from my FitBit and text me a daily summary of my activities. The app is so useful that I still use it today – I get a list of the distance I traveled that day (my goal is usually 11,000 steps / 5 miles a day), as well as the minutes of the day I spent being sedentary, lightly active, active, and very active.

The JavaScript quiz was very fun, as we got to use real code and created a fun BuzzFeed quiz. My quiz isn’t as superficial as the BuzzFeed ones, though – it’s an adaptation of a work styles assessment and pins you down to a particular animal (your “spirit animal”). You should take it, I think you might get either the turtle or camel response. The responsive design was probably my favorite part, as the programming portion was frustrating but after I figured out I was importing my CSS from the wrong CSS file, things turned around very fast. I was able to use media queries to take a two-column design on desktop to a mobile-friendly one-column view after the screen window size was decreased to a certain pixel range.

The database PHP part was probably the hardest for me to understand. I still don’t think that I can go out and start using PHP right away, but I now have an understanding of what it takes to update and improve a database. The in-class activity where you explained the structure of what it would take to implement a search algorithm was really useful. Overall, this course gave me a great understanding of web technologies and how they could be used in a UX designer or front-end web developer’s career.

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