Unit 1 Reflection

The beginning of the course had us brush up on our HTML and CSS knowledge. As someone who had already been working with HTML and CSS for some time, this process was redundant yet useful – I learned a lot about the beginnings of the World Wide Web, and how the different search engines work. Bing and Google seem to work relatively similarly except Google was able to use the quotation marks, and the proposal put forward by Tim Berners-Lee was eye-opening to see how the beginnings of the World Wide Web had come about.

The most useful module of this unit was the two-column layout. I found that a weak point in my knowledge of CSS was my understanding of margin, padding, borders, and offset, and the two-column CSS test put that into action. I’ll admit it was a bit of a struggle at first making sure everything floated in the right direction, but by the end I had a colorful pastel interface that split information neatly into columns. I made this two-column interface responsive in Unit 3.

For my CSS in Module 5, I simply attached the stylesheet I had used for my dev space as well as the Materialize mini css I had used.

Designing my dev space was also a fun challenge. I enjoyed using the Materialize framework to create a space all my own. The dev space will be a great place to test out various ideas before putting them into practice.

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