Goals for the Course

My goal is to become a full-stack developer. An advanced web author would most likely be a full stack developer. They would be someone that can show up at a hackathon and in 36 hours pull an app or a website out of thin air (it might be buggy but it would still be usable). An advanced web author is strongly versed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They can use the command line/terminal as well as GitHub. They are adept in, or at least know the basics of, JQuery and Angular, Sass, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. This isn’t limited to just programming, however – the advanced web author is familiar with accessibility and usability standards, and is able to create aesthetically pleasing and well-designed websites, viewable on a wide range of devices. The work they produce is good enough that they (or could potentially) monetize their skills and perform freelance website and mobile development work for other people.

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